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What does Maker & Monger represent?


Our story

The idea of Maker & Monger was born one night in March 2015 at the Builder’s Arm Hotel on Gertrude st, Collingwood.

Owner, Anthony Femia, having recently finished up as the operations manager of Spring st Grocer (where he designed and help build Australia’s first underground cheese cellar) & about to embark on his Churchill Fellowship to study affinage and the microbiology of cheese, came up with the idea of an all encompassing cheese shop embracing the cheesemaker and cheesemonger, providing delicious food and incredible sensory education to each and every patron who would visit.

We began in September 2015 at Prahran Market, as a humble antique French food cart offering Swiss Raclette & our All American grilled cheese.

Our menu

Let Cheese Ignite Your Senses. That is our mantra for everything we do here at Maker & Monger.

Every dish served must have a deliciousness factor that ignites not only your tastebuds, but evoke a positive memory and gives you sensory pleasures via sight, sound, smell and of course taste.

Real ingredients = real flavour.

Our toasties are world famous having garnered a cult following here in Melbourne for their incredible crunch, Moreish flavours and delectable ooze of cheese however we have a full menu reflecting the incredible range of dishes that cheese can create.

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